Formatting Help

Tender uses Markdown for text formatting.

Bold & Italics

For bold or italic text, simply use the asterisks (*)

  • *single asterisks* – will render italic text: single asterisks
  • **double asterisks** – will render bold text: double asterisks


To link to another website, use the following:

  • [Example]( – will render Example

Inline Images

To embed an image inline within your comment, use the following:

  • ![Image Name]( – will render the image file inline.

Code Blocks

You can embed inline code by wrapping the text around backticks (`). Example: `var test = true;` – will render var test = true;

For larger blocks of code you can either wrap it in @@@ (placed on their own line at top and bottom of code) or you can render code blocks by indenting each line of code with four spaces.

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