Writing Your First Order

A crash course in the order editing view

When the order view appears, you'll see five tabs running along the bottom. The workflow for writing an order typically works from left-to-right.

  1. The Summary tab provides order statistics and also allows you to edit the customer.
  2. The Options tab allows you to choose billing & shipping addresses, payment & shipping methods, make order notes, and other things that you would typically associate with the "order header".
  3. The Products tab is where you find products from your catalog to add to the order. This is where you do the bulk of your work.
  4. The Cart tab lets you see what's already been added to the order, and is what you review with the customer before finishing up.
  5. The Actions tab lets you take the customer signature, send email, print, and generally wrap up the order.

Writing the order

Ordinarily, you would work left-to-right through all these tabs, but so we can get our hands dirty quickly, let's jump straight to the Products tab in the middle.

  1. You should see both the "Coffee" and "Sweets" categories from the website. Notice that they are in the same order as we had them in the website.
  2. Tap on the "Coffee" category, and you should see the "Magic Beans" product along with the product image we uploaded.
  3. Tap on "Magic Beans" a few times to add it to the cart.

  1. Tap on the picture on the left side of the row to show off the picture full screen. Oooooh.

  1. The customer is so impressed with these tasty looking beans that now they want to order lots more of them. Tap the little +1 button in the bottom-right and select a larger quantity to add. If the quantity you want isn't in the pre-defined set, you can tap the yellow part of the "calculator" screen to enter a quantity manually.

  1. The customer wants some sweets too. Tap the "Products" tab to zoom back to the root of the catalog tree, then go into the "Sweets" category and add some to the order.

  1. The fickle customer has changed their mind about the sweets. Swipe your finger from left-to-right across the sweets you added to reveal the red "Delete" button which you can tap to remove them from the order.

  1. We're all done writing! Tap on the Cart tab to check the product you've added to the order.
  2. The customer is happy with their product so tap on the Actions tab, then take their signature to confirm their acceptance.

  1. Tap the Email to customer button to send them a copy of the order. If you added an email address for your company on the website, it will be automatically CC'ed to that address.

  1. Tap the Done button in the top-left corner to return to the main screen. You should see a little "Sync complete" message bubble appear to indicate that the order has been synced back to the website.

You've just written your first order for your new product! Go make yourself a cup of tea as a little pat on the back.

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