Sell great products for kids?
Make sure your business is grown-up.

You sell products that delight kids and mothers alike. Delight your wholesale customers too!

Support for age-group sizing and colorways.

Barcode scanning supported for maximum accuracy and speed.

Sales Order App for Toys

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Bugaboo & Handshake give account managers freedom to move

Handshake delivers sales order automation that greatly benefits our customers, sales and operations teams.

Jason Sharpe, VP of Sales Operations, Bugaboo

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Speed and simplicity.

Everyone in sales knows that speed is king. Support for age-group sizing and colorways. Keeping pace with your customer is the best way to write big, every day.

iPad app for Toy Sales Reps.

You can find Handshake at these shows:

  • abckids
  • nuremberg
  • kindundjugend
  • nyigf
  • cgta
  • astra
  • toyfair

Easy order management. Make it child's play.

Handshake is a central hub for all your inbound sales orders. Manage your whole team, their customers and orders from a single powerful website.

Wholesale Toy Ordering App.

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  • Rich, beautiful catalog presentation and order entry, in one simple package

  • Write orders anywhere; Handshake works offline, even in the depths of the convention center

  • No setup fees

  • Respects minimums and case packs

  • Barcode scanning for lightning fast order entry. Zap!

  • Assign customers to reps

  • iPad and iPhone first – since 2010

  • Paperless email confirmations