Importing Customer Groups

Handshake supports dividing your customers into groups. Some common reasons you might want to do this are:

  • Different pricing levels for different customers (e.g. distributors vs retailers, or "preferred" pricing levels for key accounts).
  • Customers who pay in different currencies.
You can set up customer groups interactively through the website. Unless you have a large number of customer groups, it will probably be simpler to do it that way instead of using this spreadsheet-based method.

The basics

  • id is the internal identifier for this group, and is used in other spreadsheets to refer to this group. If you change this ID, you will need to update other spreadsheets to match to avoid having broken references.
  • isDefault determines which customer group will be the default. There must be one row with a "1" in this cell, and all other rows should have a "0".
  • name is the name of this group that you will actually see when using the iPhone app and the website. You can change this as much as you like without breaking references to this group in other spreadsheets.
  • currency is the currency code for this customer group. This should be a three-letter currency code like "USD", "AUD", "GBP", "EUR" or similar.


Like most other record types, Handshake will list customer groups in the same order in which they appear in your uploaded spreadsheet.