Importing Options

This is where you set up options like your shipping methods and payment terms. You will probably do this once and then never again.

You can set up options interactively through the website. Unless you have an unusally large number of options, it will probably be simpler to do it that way instead of using this spreadsheet-based method.

Setting up options via spreadsheet

  • The key column determines what option you are adding values to. The currently supported keys are:
    • shippingMethod (the ways you will ship to your customers, e.g. FEDEX, UPS etc)
    • paymentTerms (terms you accept from your customers, e.g. PREPAID, NET 30 etc)
    • ccType (credit card type, e.g. VISA, MASTERCARD etc)
  • The value column can be whatever you want, but we suggest that you make them exactly the same as in your accounting system or CRM so that it's easier to copy them back in later on.
  • The isDefault column determines which value will be the default for each key. Put a 1 next to the default and a 0 next to the rest. You must have exactly one default for each key.

Handshake will present these options in the same order as they are listed in the spreadsheet.