Importing Categories

The categories spreadsheet lists out categories other than the ones from your catalog.

Right now, the only categories you need to upload here are the categories for your sales orders, e.g. you could have a category for "Appointments", another for "Phone Orders", etc. A common use for this is to set up categories for trade shows so that you can identify those orders clearly and easily generate show totals reports.

You should avoid using these categories to separate orders based on the rep that is writing the order. If you want to do that, you should use user groups instead.

You can set up order categories interactively through the website. Unless you have a large number of order categories, it will probably be simpler to do it that way instead of using this spreadsheet-based method.

The basics

Each row in this spreadsheet defines one category. The columns work as follows:

  • id is a unique ID for this category. This is never actually seen by iPhone users.
  • subType must be "SalesOrder".
  • isDefault should be 0 for all categories except one. You must define exactly one default SalesOrder category.
  • name is the text that will be shown for this category on your iPhone.


Categories are listed in Handshake in the same order as their listed in this spreadsheet. As such, it usually makes sense to keep the most recently used categories (i.e. the tradeshow you are currently attending) at the top.

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