Does Handshake work offline?


Handshake syncs all the information (customers, products, previous orders etc) down to your iPad or iPhone when you're online, so that if you need to use Handshake while offline all your data will still be available. You can look up products, view images, and most importantly write orders with the same speed and ease that you do when you're online.

We have spent enough time at tradeshows with terrible 3G coverage and overpriced WiFi to know how important this is :)

What happens to the orders I write while I'm offline?

The orders you write when you're offline are saved locally on the device, and the next time you connect to the internet (via 3G or WiFi) they are synced back to the Handshake website, as per normal.

What happens to the email confirmations I send while I'm offline?

Any email confirmations you send offline are queued up in the Mail app's outbox, just like any other email you send while offline. They will be automatically sent by iOS as soon as you get back online.

Are there any issues I need to be aware of with working offline?

Generally speaking, working offline works without any issues, and plenty of our customers have written orders for days at a time whilst being offline without seeing any side-effects.

Having said that, the longer you stay offline without syncing, the greater the chance that someone else on your team might change something that one of your orders depends on (for example, a customer's details, the price of a product etc etc). This will mean that you are writing an order based on information that is no longer 100% up-to-date.

As long as you connect up to the internet at the end of each day, these issues tend not to appear.

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