Printing from Handshake

Can I Print a Copy of a Handshake Order?

Yes! You can print from both the iPad/iPhone App and from the website. We discourage printing,
because we firmly believe you and your customers will love being paperless and receiving
Handshake's rich order confirmations, but the option is there if you need it.

How do I print from the iPad or iPhone App?

Tap "Print" in the "Finishing Up" tab when completing an order.

Can I use any type of Printer with my iPad or iPhone?

No. Unfortunately, Apple requires that your printer be "AirPrint-enabled" to print from an
iPad or iPhone device. This is their restriction, not ours.

In order to connect to an AirPrint printer, both the printer and the iPads/iPhones
must be on the same wifi network. It is not necessary that this wifi network is connected to the internet, but you will need a router.

Click here for more information on Airprint.(

How do I print a copy of an order from the website?

In Orders select the orders you wish to print,
click "Bulk Actions" and click "Print".

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