Retrieving Credit Cards

If you've taken credit card numbers from your customers at a show or during an appointment, at some point you're going to want to get those numbers out of the Handshake website and into your accounting system or payment processing system to actually charge them.

Why can't I get credit card numbers out of the iPad / iPhone app?

Credit card numbers cannot be retrieved from the Handshake iPad or iPhone apps - they can only be retrieved through the Handshake website. Without going into a long and boring discussion of public key cryptography, this is a deliberate design decision we made to ensure that if an iPad or iPhone with Handshake on it is lost or stolen, there is no way that the credit card numbers can possibly be extracted from it.

This is designed to give both you and your customers peace of mind so you can go ahead and get your prepaid orders written. Yay!

What do I need to do before I can retrieve credit card numbers?

We put an extra layer of security around your credit card numbers beyond the normal password protection that is on your account. In order to retrieve and decrypt the card numbers stored in your account, you have to authenticate with your security token.

There is a fairly detailed description on that page describing what the security token is, but suffice to say is an additional password that guards all the credit cards on your account.


We cannot retrieve it for you if you lose it. If you do, all previously stored credit cards in your account will be lost. We're not kidding about this. It's an important security feature that requires your diligence in holding onto that security token.

How do I get a single credit card number out of the website?

  1. Find the order or customer that the card is attached to
  2. Locate the credit card you want to view
  3. Click the little "pencil" icon

If you've already authenticated with your security token, the card number will be shown on screen and you can copy it down. If not, you will be prompted for your security token.

How do I bulk export credit cards from the website?

  1. Go to the orders list
  2. Select the checkboxes for the orders you wish to get the card numbers for
  3. Click the "Bulk Actions" menu and select "Export Order Headers"

If you've provided your security token, your browser will download a CSV file with order details including all the credit card numbers. If you haven't provided your security token, the credit card numbers will not be in the export.

How do I retrieve credit card numbers via the Handshake API?

Please see the API documentation for more information.

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