Importing Barcodes

Items and variants both have a barcode field which you can fill in if you want to be able to scan products when you're writing orders. All you have to do is put your barcode numbers into the barcode column in your spreadsheets, and you're done.

What barcodes are supported?

Probably 99% of users are going to be putting standard UPCs from their EAN barcodes in here. These are the numbers that run along the barcodes that you see on every consumer good in stores.

You can actually put whatever you like in the barcode column, however, as long you make sure that your barcodes also contain these values. For example, the SKU of the Alto Saxophone from the Demo company is SAX.A, so if you encode its SKU as a barcode (see below), copy the SKU into the barcode column, and scanning will work just fine without actual UPCs.

Help with numeric barcodes

If your barcodes are standard UPCs and are composed entirely of digits (e.g. you have barcodes that look like "070177154196"), then you must remember to force Excel to treat these cells as text otherwise it will strip off all the leading zeros, and your barcodes won't scan properly.

There is a more detailed description of how to make Excel do this in the [item importer help.

How do I scan barcodes once I've uploaded them?

Please click here to read all about it!

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