How do I apply a discount or change the price?

Applying a discount or editing the price in Handshake for iPad or iPhone

You can apply discounts or edit the prices of lines on an order using Handshake's "bulk editing" capability in the Cart while writing an order.

  1. Hit the "Edit" button in the top right hand corner of the cart.
  2. Select the lines you'd like to edit. You can also use the Select all icon if you'd like to apply a discount to the entire order.
  3. Handshake supports two ways of editing prices.

    • Disc lets you apply a discount by a percentage amount, apply a dollar amount discount to the unit price of an item, or apply a dollar amount discount to the total.
    • Set is designed to override the quantities or prices of the lines selected. Qty sets the new quantity of items in the line. $ sets the new unit price of the item. Tot sets the new total price of the line.
  4. To confirm the changes you've made confirm by hitting the button below the discount section.

  5. Discounts are reflected in the order

Here, we discount the line by 15%:

Here, we set the unit price of the saxophone to $1200:

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