Assigning Customers To User Groups

Now that you've got all your user groups set up, you need to assign each customer in your account to a user group to make sure that each user is seeing only the customers they're allowed to.

User groups vs. customer groups

Handshake now supports two parallel classifications for each customer: the customer group and user group it belongs to. It's important to not get these confused as they are intended for quite different purposes:

  • The user group that a customer belongs to (referred to sometimes as the “owner”) is used to control / restrict access to that customer and its orders to a specfic user or set of users.
  • The customer group that a customer belongs to is used to put it into a pricing group. Typical customer groups would be retail accounts vs distributor accounts, or US customers vs Canadian customers (separated because of different currencies). Please see the customer groups documentation for more info.

Assigning customers to groups

You can manually assign customers to a particular user group via the customers page. Just select the customers you want to re-assign, then use the Bulk Actions menu to switch them into another user group using the Change Owner option:

If this seems too time-consuming for you, you can also assign customers to user groups during a spreadsheet import using the userGroup column. Please see the documentation for more information.

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