Going Mobile

on your iPad or iPhone

We've set up our company info and a new product on the web, and now we're going to see how all of that translates down to our mobile device. The examples here are all written for iPad, however, the experience on the iPhone will be very similar and you should be able to follow along just fine.

Please grab your iPad now and make sure you're signed into your own account. If you're currently logged into the Demo account and not your own, you can hit the Logout button to get back to the sign-in screen.

If you're using your iPhone, you can get to the Logout via the Tools tab:

Syncing to the web

The Handshake mobile apps communicate with the website by "syncing" every so often. Typically, this happens:

  • Every 10 minutes or so, or
  • Whenever you log into your account, or
  • Whenever you finish editing a sales order

You can also force a sync by hitting the big Sync button in the Tools screen. Do that now to make sure you've got all the changes from the website we've done so far.

You've synced successfully if you see your company logo in the middle of the tools screen


Choosing the customer

  1. Tap on Customers to bring up the customer list, then tap on one of the sample customers (e.g. "Pete's Candy Store") to bring up their details. Alternatively, hit the plus (+) button in the top-right of the list to add a new customer.
  2. Edit the customer's email address to be your own email address. Normally you wouldn't do this but we're going to do it now so you can see what the email confirmation looks like.
  3. Tap the little pencil icon in the top-right or the Add New.. button in the Sales Orders section to begin writing an order for this customer. Both buttons do the same thing.

Both buttons will begin writing a new order

Let's write our first order!