Terms & Conditions

If you're in wholesale, chances are that every order you write comes with some kind of terms & conditions. Handshake allows you to upload documents with your terms in them that are automatically attached to confirmation emails sent to your customers, which means you don't need to hand them hard copies of them or waste a bunch of space in your email template with them.

Where can I attach my terms & conditions?

On the company setup page, there is a field where you can upload your terms & conditions in a variety of formats. Supported document types are:

  • Plain text files (.txt)
  • Rich text files (.rtf)
  • PDFs (.pdf)
  • Microsoft Word documents (.doc & .docx)

Also, if you're using additional manufacturers, then you can attach terms on a manufacturer-specific basis through the manufacturer setup pages.

When are they sent?

If you are emailing an order confirmation for the whole order to the customer, then previously-uploaded terms that are related to each product on the order will be attached to the email.

In the simplest case (where you have no additional manufacturers and have attached terms & conditions to your company), this means that every order you write will have your company's terms attached.

If you have additional manufacturers, then only the terms for the manufacturers actually on the order will be sent.

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