Getting Started

Things are going to get better from here. All those years of order forms, fax machines, and hauling catalogs to tradeshows will soon be a distant memory. Ahhhh.

A ten-minute intro

If this is your first time working with your own Handshake account, we're going to take you through a little tutorial to get you comfortable with how everything works. Our focus is on being user-friendly, but with any new system there is always a slight "all this new stuff is scary"-factor. To help cut back on that, we're going to go through the following basic tasks:

  1. Set up our company information and logo.
  2. Create a new product here on the website.
  3. Use Handshake on your iPad or iPhone to write an order for our new product.
  4. Use the bulk importer to create more products quickly with Excel.

Sound good? OK, let's go!

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