Which Orders Have I Already Exported?

A common workflow for a team of Handshake users is to have salespeople in the field, writing orders and bringing home the bacon, and for there to be an operations or IT person back in the office who is exporting those orders, either by:

  • Printing them,
  • Exporting them to CSV, or
  • Fetching them from the API

In order to avoid double-shipments, it's important to be able to tell which orders you've already exported. The Orders By Date Exported view on the website was designed specifically for that purpose.

Exporting Orders From The Website

As you use the Bulk Actions menu to export or print orders, they are tagged with a "last exported" date which allows you to easily see which orders you have and haven't exported, and when those exports were done.

Tracking Last Exports Via The API

As described in the API documentation, simply fetching an order from the API via a GET request does not set the lastExported date on that order, and you need to set this manually using a PUT request if you are looking to build an API integration that relies on this.