Manufacturers can be accessed through the API via the manufacturers base URL:

$ curl
  • Supported list methods: GET
  • Supported detail methods: GET

Manufacturers are read-only through the API. There are typically so few of these that the setup can easily be done by hand.

Fields (readonly string)

The full name of this manufacturer. (readonly string)

The ID of this manufacturer, which is typically only ever used in bulk imports and exports. (readonly string)
manufacturer.logoURL (readonly string)

The publicly accessible URL for this manufacturer's logo image. This is useful for including a logo in confirmation emails, e.g.

<img src="{{ manufacturer.logoURL }}" />


    "categoryPosition": 2, 
    "cdate": "2011-01-18", 
    "ctime": "2011-01-18T17:52:03Z", 
    "email": "[email protected]", 
    "entityType": "Manufacturer", 
    "id": "S&S", 
    "logoURL": "", 
    "mtime": "2011-12-22T22:11:29Z", 
    "name": "Short & Sweet", 
    "objID": 950, 
    "owner": "Demo", 
    "resource_uri": "/api/v2/manufacturers/950", 
    "uuid": "567e2072-bdb9-4755-b587-ba435b3c1438"
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