Creating Your First Product

By default, new Handshake accounts are created with a few sample products already in them. You might remember them as the sugary sweets from the Demo account - if you're going to have phony products, they might as well be tasty.

Click here to view your product tree

You should see a simple product tree with one category containing a few products. We're going to add a new product category with some coffee in it.

  1. Right-click on your company name, and click on Add subcategory in the menu that appears to add a new product category.

Right-click to show the context menu
  1. Type in "Coffee" as the name of the category.
  2. Click and drag your new "Coffee" category just above the old "Sweets" category (you've found the spot when you see the little green tick as you're hovering).
  3. Right-click on the Coffee category and choose "New Item" to add a new product to the category.

  1. Set the name of the new product to be "Magic Beans" and set its SKU to be CF.01.
  2. Grab this image of some coffee beans and upload it as the product image.

You should wind up with something like this

Even though there's lots more customization we can do to this product, let's keep it simple for now. We'll stop here and take a look at what we've set up on our iPad or iPhone.

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