User Groups

User groups can be accessed through the API via the user_groups base URL:

$ curl
  • Supported list methods: GET
  • Supported detail methods: GET

We currently do not have write-support for user groups via the API, assuming that most users will
set these up manually.

If you have a particular need for POST or PUT support for user groups, please write to us and
let us know!

Fields (string)

The full user-visible name of this user group. (string)

The ID of this user group, which is typically only ever used in bulk imports and exports.

userGroup.isMaster (readonly boolean)

A boolean indicating whether or not this user group is the master group which contains all other
user groups.

userGroup.parent (reference to UserGroup)

The UserGroup that is above this one in the hierarchy, or null if this group is the master

userGroup.subcategories (collection of UserGroups)

A list of the UserGroups that are below this one in the hierarchy.


    "cdate": "2011-08-22", 
    "ctime": "2011-08-22T07:00:24Z", 
    "entityType": "UserGroup", 
    "id": "master", 
    "isMaster": true, 
    "mtime": "2011-10-08T03:23:02Z", 
    "name": "Master", 
    "objID": 109039, 
    "owner": "system", 
    "parent": null, 
    "resource_uri": "/api/v2/user_groups/109039", 
    "subcategories": [], 
    "uuid": "d0f774ce-9f2f-4166-b418-621cb84dc0f2"
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