Order Header Export CSV Template


This template is similar in purpose to the previous export template, except that it is intended for rendering only the order headers (e.g. customer details, payment / shipping info etc) rather than the complete set of line items. In other words, this template should output at most two lines of text: one for the column headers, and one for the order header data.

This template is rendered once for each order that is to be exported, and the output of all the separate renderings is joined together before the spreadsheet is downloaded to your browser. If you want to include a header row in the spreadsheet, it is important to check the includeHeader parameter in your template to make sure you only render it once, at the top.

Template parameters

order (reference to SalesOrder)

A reference to the sales order that you're trying to render.

includeHeader (boolean)

Flag indicating whether or not the template should render a header row. This will be true for the first order in the set to be exported and false for the rest.