Categories can be accessed through the API via the categories base URL:

$ curl
  • Supported list methods: GET POST
  • Supported detail methods: GET PUT DELETE

Categories contain items, and the category that an item is a member of is returned by the items API.

Fields (string)

The full user-visible name of this category. (string)

The ID of this category, which is typically only ever used in bulk imports and exports.

category.parent (reference to Category)

The parent of this category, or null if this category is a "root" category.

category.subcategories (list of references to Category)

The subcategories of this category.


manufacturer (integer)

If you pass manufacturer=<objID> as a request parameter, with the objID of a Manufacturer as a filter, only categories that belong to that manufacturer will be returned. This filter only applies when you're fetching categories with Item as the subType.


    "cdate": "2011-01-18", 
    "ctime": "2011-01-18T12:52:03Z", 
    "entityType": "Category", 
    "id": "Woodwinds", 
    "manufacturer": "/api/v2/manufacturers/949", 
    "mtime": "2012-06-18T17:07:40Z", 
    "name": "Woodwinds", 
    "objID": 958, 
    "owner": "system", 
    "parent": null, 
    "resource_uri": "/api/v2/categories/958", 
    "subType": "Item", 
    "subcategories": [
    "uuid": "b549a6ad-c855-4809-a200-7b8c2157f36d"
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